About the Artist

In August of 1973 I moved to Edom Texas to start my Glass journey. With the help and support of the craft community there I was given a space and set about building a furnace and annealing oven. This was real faith on their part as my degree was in Ceramics and I knew nothing about glass other than the fact that it looked really interesting and I wanted to learn how to do it. So in September that year I turned on my furnace and made several small blobs of glass, over the next 11 years I would take some short courses and worked with, for and alongside some very gifted and generous glass people. I made a living of sorts taking my work around to craft fairs. Little by little I started to show some skill and talent with the material. In 1984 I relocated to England to pursue a masters degree, it was while I was finishing that qualification that I started teaching. Again I had the fortune to work with some very good educationalists who natured and taught me what a good teacher offers to students. Then in 1995 I took up the post of program leader and senior lecturer for the glass programs at Wanganui Regional Community Polytechnic in New Zealand.

The one constant to my career was my need to make-work and express my ideas through the material of glass. This web site should give you a more in-depth look at my work and career. If you have further questions please contact me.

Thanks David

About the Studio

The Glass Factory NZ is the working studio for David Traub. The name is in homage to Andy Warhol, whose studio space was called 'The Factory'. As a studio it is a work in progress there are several cold working machines, and 2 kilns. It is where I do almost all of my work with the exception of glass blowing. For that I rent furnace time from the Wanganui Glass School to make all of the hot glass components for my work.
Also on site is a small gallery space where a sampling of finished work can be seen.

The studio is open for the Wanganui Glass Festival and Artist Open Studio weekends or by appointment and I am happy to let visitors into see the work in progress or the finished pieces. You can learn more about these events and classes from event finder, their web sites (see links) or by emailing me at: david.traub5@gmail.com